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Happy Tail: Giacomo completes the crowd


The old adage says “two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but Anne and Myles Robichaux found they were missing the “crowd” after their beloved Sammie succumbed to old age at 18, leaving their two Shih-Tzus, Coco and Cody, as the family pack.

Giacomo would prefer to remain in Anne's lap, but Cody and Coco are ready for a walk.

Giacomo would prefer to remain in Anne’s lap, but Cody and Coco are ready for a walk.

“For a time after losing Sammie, we thought we would stick with two dogs,” Anne says, “but the more dogs needing homes that popped up in my Facebook feed, the more we started to think about getting another dog.” Earlier adoptions “started us on a path of adopting older and special needs dogs that might need a little bit of extra help and love (and who have a harder time finding homes). We can’t save them all, but at least by adopting one more, we make room for another to be saved.”

She began looking on Petfinder, where she saw Toto. Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport, Mississippi, had listed the dog, now named Giacomo, on the site. He was 8 years old and had been seriously neglected and, by the time he came to the rescue group, he was nearly hairless.

Anne says she and Myles are suckers for “sad-sack” cases, so they inquired about the dog. “After exchanging some messages with the fosterer, it sounded like he would be the perfect fit for our other two; he’s pretty mellow and uninterested in other dogs,” which sounded very much like their late Sammie. They submitted an application, and he came for a two-week trial period once they’d been approved.

“It was clear from the beginning that he would fit in perfectly,” she says. One of the first things he did in his new home was roll over on his back for a belly rub-and it’s still one of his favorite things,” as is a good nap. He does stir to let it be known when he thinks it’s dinnertime, and for a little guy, “he has quite the loud, deep bark,” says Anne.

The other dogs had to get used to the newcomer. “Coco is a little pistol,” Anne says, “and already had attitude,” particularly concerning her food, so seeing the two of them sleeping on the couch with the food bowl unattended on the floor pleases Anne. “That is a huge step,” she says, adding that patience with a new pet is important. “It takes time for everyone to get used to each other and to learn new routines.”

Giacomo follows Anne everywhere and seems appreciative of his new home and family. As it turns out, two’s company, but Anne and Myles know three is even better.

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