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Happy Tail: A Cat Makes the Moments Count


a-cat-makes-the-moments-countAlison moved to New York prepared to dive into her career, commit to her friendships and, after getting settled, adopt a pet. At her six-month mark, she knew she was ready to adopt.

Alison grew up with dogs, cats and horses, and had a feeling that a cat was the right pet for her busy lifestyle. She started browsing Petfinder to learn more about the adoption process and was surprised that there were so many pets on the site. “I was head over heels for a new kitten almost every day,” she says.

In the end, her perfect match came in the form of a work assignment. A client was fostering kittens, and a shy calico named Zoe caught her attention. “She totally confirmed that I couldn’t live my life without a cat,” Alison says. After a few weeks, Zoe had gone from a shy cat to Alison’s shadow, and it became clear that Zoe had found her forever home.

“Having Zoe around is such a mood lifter,” Alison says. “A pet is such a great reminder to enjoy all the little moments. I used to have major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) every time I chose to stay home instead of going out, but I don’t really feel that way anymore. Having a little someone to take care of changes everything.”

Alison’s advice to other adopters is all about first impressions – while they’re important, they’re not all telling. Zoe spent her first day in her new home hiding under the bed, and slowly transformed into the playful companion she is today. “If you see a pet at a shelter or rescue organization, they might look scared, but you shouldn’t be discouraged,” Alison says. “Their hearts will warm up and change after they’re given some consistency and love.”

When you’re ready to start a family of your own, search adoptable pets in your area on Petfinder.

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