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Happy Tail: Guess who’s coming to dinner


Terri Kandis calls Foxy the neighborhood ambassador. On their walks, the 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix is an equal-opportunity greeter. “She loves to meet any two or four-legged friend,” Terri says. “Her whole body wags, and she wants to give kisses. I have not found one person who doesn’t want to love on her and wants one like her.”

The neighborhood ambassador is ready to go.

The neighborhood ambassador is ready to go on a walk.

It wasn’t always that way. When she was relinquished to Cause For Paws in Byron, Illinois, when she was 2, it had seemed she would be adopted right away, being such a cute and friendly little dog, but it didn’t happen. She was passed over at adoption events and was returned when a couple of adoptions didn’t work out.

About the same time, the Kandis family’s two dogs, Tilly and Mocha, died, and Terri told her husband, Mike, she had to have another dog. He wasn’t enthusiastic and said they should wait until the new year, but Terri couldn’t resist looking on Petfinder, and in early October, she saw Foxy’s listing. The little dog reminded her of her beloved Tilly.

“I had some commitments for the end of October so I couldn’t take her,” Terri says, “but I decided I would wait till November to look again, and if Foxy was meant to be mine, she’d be there. Well, she was.”

“So, in November I had a long phone conversation with the woman who started up and runs Cause For Paws,” Terri says. She told her about the grandchildren and the big dogs who frequently came to visit. “Foxy had to be able to handle that. I wanted her but mostly I wanted what was right for her. This wonderful woman’s husband was coming to Geneseo, Illinois, to help a friend two days before Thanksgiving and he would

bring Foxy for the home visit.”

Now Terri had to break the news to her husband that they were having a Thanksgiving visitor. He just shook his head at the news.

Foxy arrived the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. “When Mike came home that night, Foxy went running to him, giving him her Foxy home welcoming,” Terri says. “Mike looked at me as he was loving on her and said, ‘She isn’t leaving, is she?’”

He was right. Foxy stayed. She met the kids, grandkids and dogs, and everyone got along just fine. Foxy had found a family.

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