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Happy Tail: Cooper’s adoption is a win-win situation


Rachael Moore wanted a dog but she wasn’t sure she was ready for the commitment. Her solution? Fostering. “It was a win win,” she says. She volunteered to foster for Happy Tales Humane, which posts its pets on Petfinder.

Cooper is all ears.

Cooper is all ears.

“The first foster dog I had was Buck. He was an older Pomeranian who I believe had had some issues with abuse. Although he could be very sweet at times, he could also get aggressive.” She knew she lacked the experience to deal with a dog with Buck’s history. She returned him to the rescue and was happy to report that his new foster mom is helping him with his problems.

Meanwhile, she got a new foster, Cooper, a Papillon mix. “I had always had this image in my head of walking around with my huge, beautiful dog. And then came Cooper. He was small and had these long ear hairs and — okay, he was pretty cute.” He would fall asleep in my arms on his back with his mouth wide open. When he was awake, he was jumping around and playing with my cat.”

A few days of this, and Rachael was well on her way to becoming a “foster failure.” When the rescue notified her that they were taking him to an adoption day, Rachael made her decision. “There was no way I was giving him up. He was already just as attached to me as I was to him.”

She recommends fostering as a way to find the right match. “Find an organization that you believe is doing the right work ethically and try out some different breeds that you might not have ever considered,” she says. “I think it will surprise you who you fall in love with.”

She has revised her image of herself with a dog; there’s no longer a big one in the picture. “I never realized the benefits of having a small dog with my lifestyle. He is just the right size to come to work with me when I need him, and he has plenty of room to run around house because of his size.” This adoption was a win win for both Rachael and Cooper.

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