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Happy Tail: Sadie and Delilah have become BFF


Sadie is a small dog but she doesn’t know it. The Miniature Schnauzer “has a Napoleon complex,” Trevor Murphy says. His girlfriend, Amy, adopted Sadie about two years ago. “She acts as if she is the toughest dog on the block, especially around bigger dogs.”

The best friends “spoon” for a nap.

The best friends “spoon” for a nap.

She was a bit nonplussed when, about a year ago, her beloved Amy and Trevor adopted Delilah, who is a Boston Terrier/Australian Cattle Dog mix (and perhaps some Pit Bull as well). “Sadie definitely was used to being the only child, and having to share things was a huge change for her.”

But Delilah is such a goofball that it would be hard for anyone, dog or human, not to like her. “Her faces are priceless, and she does so many things to make us laugh,” Trevor says. Just the way she often sits, with her front legs splayed out and back ones practically under her chin, cracks them up. She looks as if she’s an old lady who just pooped out and couldn’t go any farther. From that habit, they’ve dubbed her “Fat Sister.”

Delilah and Sadie have become best friends. “They are constantly playing with each other,” Trevor says, and that is also quite funny because the dogs make all sort of weird noises when they play.

Delilah sits in her “Fat Sister” pose.

Delilah sits in her “Fat Sister” pose.

Amy knew Sadie was the one for her when the dog wouldn’t let go of Amy when the couple tried to get her back into her kennel after first meeting her. Trevor and Amy had just started dating, and the visit to meet Sadie at the Humane Society of Utah was a date night activity.

As for Delilah, they first saw her at an event to which the Humane Society of Utah had brought some adoptable pets. They noticed Delilah, then called Taffy. “The rest of the afternoon I kept thinking about that really cute dog with a terrible name and wondering if she was still there,” Trevor says. “So we talked and said that if Taffy was still there by the end of the day we’d at least just take her for a walk.” She was, and they adopted her and walked her home. On the way, they changed her name to Delilah.

The four of them make up one happy family. They just knew when they met these two dogs, that they were perfect, and Trevor says you’ll know when you meet the right pet for you. “There are so many potential options out there,” he adds. So true. On Petfinder, you have over 300,000 pets from which to choose.

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