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Happy Tail: Chico steps up for adoptable pets


Where’s Chico? That’s a good question. Katie Hoffman and her boyfriend, Ben, start searching, and Ben finally finds him in Katie’s walk-in closet, behind a basket full of clothes. He’s nosing a bone behind a picture frame that is leaning against the wall. No surprise really. Bones have turned up in unexpected places all over the apartment since Katie adopted 6-year-old Chico in March.

Chico is as handsome as he is sweet.

Chico is as handsome as he is sweet.

He had been dropped off at Headin’ Home Pet Rescue in Holland, Michigan, and showed sign of having been sadly neglected. He had to have four teeth removed and hernia surgery. He was listed on Petfinder where Katie spotted him.

Besides hiding bones, he likes to “stalk” his stuffed toys. He approaches the unsuspecting adversary, pausing now and then to get the lay of the land. “He will have his tail sticking straight back, and his body as low to the ground as possible,” Katie says, “and then he pounces onto his toy.”

Another favorite activity is the slide at the park. “Yes, that is a little odd for a dog,” Katie says, but he definitely get excited when he sees it.

He loves the dog park at the couple’s apartment complex, too, and likes to keep up with the big dogs. “Once he re-enacted the scene from the “Lion King” where Simba gets stuck in the stampede,” Katie says. “He was trying to keep up with the larger dogs, and they looped around a lot quicker and Chico was stuck in their path. He just ducked down to the ground. Thankfully, they didn’t trample over him, and he was okay, but it was still a sight.”

dog-adoption-chico-hoffman-2Looking back, Katie wonders how she ever lived without a dog like Chico. He has convinced her that rescuing a dog is the only way to go, and together they are making a difference in other people’s attitudes. “I have had many people say that they will only adopt after meeting Chico,” she says. “I am so glad for that.”

Chico has become an ambassador for adoptable pets.

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