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Happy Tail: Astrid is loved “100”


When there is cuddling to be done in the Albrechts’ home, it’s a safe bet that Astrid the cat will be right in the middle of the huddle. If 8-year-old Chloe is watching television, Astrid always curls up with her. “She moves as close as she can get to Chloe,” says Mom Jess. “It’s really cute.”

Chloe and Astrid share some together time.

Chloe and Astrid share some together time.

Of course, if there’s an art project underway, Astrid, in typical cat fashion, sits right in the middle of that, too, which can be rather annoying, but Chloe just laughs and gently moves Astrid aside.

At night, when Jess and Chloe are sleeping in their own rooms, Astrid moves back and forth, making noisy cat comments as she travels back and forth between beds.

“If Chloe moves into bed with me,” Jess says, “Astrid is quiet and sleeps between us. Kind of her way of saying she prefers us all to be together.”

Having a loving home is a great outcome for Astrid, who was adopted from Wisconsin Humane Society after being found as a stray in downtown Milwaukee when she was just a kitten. She is now about 4 years old.

Chloe had never had a pet before Astrid, and Jess had never had a cat. “We’re so lucky to have found Astrid,” Jess says. “She’s made Chloe and me so happy, and Chloe has a little best friend.”

Chloe recommends cats as pets because “dogs make more messes and cats are not as big and they don’t shed as much as dogs.”

When asked to rank Astrid on a scale of 1 to 10, Chloe says Astrid is a 10, but adds, “I actually love her at least 100.” That’s a lot of love, and undoubtedly, Astrid loves Chloe at least 100, too. Things are good all around.

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