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Happy Tail: Kirby is a ray of sunshine


Megan Dougherty’s 13-year-old cat, Boots, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January. He seemed to be doing well until June, when he stopped eating and became very lethargic. Megan found herself more and more depressed.

Whassup, Kirby?

Whassup, Kirby?

“I had been looking on Petfinder for a dog to help me through the time when Boots would get sicker and became very interested in a cute little guy named Zuma.” Forever Home Dog Rescue in Johnson, Iowa, listed him on the site.

Megan and her fiancé, Jack, made an appointment to meet the puppy, but Boots took a turn for the worse. They debated about whether to go but decided to keep their appointment.

“We fell in love with him and took him home the next day,” she says. They renamed him Kirby.

As they started playing with the puppy when they arrived home, “Boots came walking around the corner to see what was going on,” Megan says. For the next few weeks, he rallied. He wanted to be with them and was eating on his own. “Boots and Kirby sleep together on the bed at night and both run to the fridge whenever it’s opened, hoping to get some food.”

Kirby livens things up just by being himself. “He runs like a goofball,” Megan says. “It’s like he doesn’t quite know what’s happening with his legs. And he climbs over baby gates like a tree frog. There’s no containing this little guy!”

Boots is declining, and though Kirby can’t halt the inevitable, he is a blessing for Megan. “Every time I am struggling with my depression,” she says, “which has only been when Boots is having a bad day, it’s like Kirby knows and comes bouncing around the corner and jumps into my arms and licks my face until I feel better.”

Frisky little Kirby is a ray of sunshine for Megan during this difficult time.

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