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Happy Tail: Foster failure leads to family


Nikki Albrecht had wanted a puppy for a long time, but she was hesitant. It would definitely be a big responsibility, particularly since she lived in a studio apartment in New York City. So while she hesitated, she nurtured her love of dogs by following sites like Petfinder and Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation on social media.

Lola, a terrier mix, is content living in a city apartment.

Lola, a terrier mix, is content living in a city apartment.

One day Social Tees posted that it had taken in 15 puppies from an overcrowded shelter, and they needed foster homes for them. To Nikki, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to dip her toe into the water and see what it would be like to have a puppy.

The next day, she went to meet the dogs. “As soon as I saw Lola’s face through the crate, I knew she was the one for me,” Nikki says. “They let her out of the crate, and when I went up to her, she immediately rolled onto her back for me to rub her belly. I knew then that I had to take her home.”

Once at home, Nikki immediately became attached to the little terrier mix and considered applying to make the placement permanent. “I was worried, though, that I was jumping the gun on this big responsibility,” she says. “I had to ask the shelter for more time to decide.”

And then, while she continued to ponder, she saw that the rescue had listed Lola on Petfinder. “As soon as I saw her posting, my stomach dropped. I just had to have her! I think that gave me a lot of clarity. Imagining her in another home just didn’t feel right.”

Thus, Nikki became a foster failure, and that is totally fine with her–and with Lola, too. The two of them became a family.

“The more progress she makes and confidence she gets makes me feel as if I definitely made the right decision for her,” Nikki says. If she ever questions whether the decision was right for her, it only takes the enthusiastic and loving greeting at the door, to know it was right for Nikki as well.

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