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Happy Tail: Ziggy’s personality shines


When Marlee Poff decided to adopt a cat, she knew right where to go to look for one: Petfinder. “I wanted an adult cat because they are a bit harder to re-home,” she says. A white cat was also on her radar because she knew that some white cats, particularly those with blue eyes, are congenitally deaf and “hearing impairment runs in my family.”

Ziggy invites a belly rub.

Ziggy invites a belly rub.

She fell in love with Ziggy’s photo on Petfinder. He was listed by Victor Valley Animal Protective League in Apple Valley, California. When she met him, “he was calm, well socialized and wanted nothing more than to rub his head all over me,” she says. He wasn’t deaf, but Ziggy’s personality had overshadowed that criterion.

There was no period of adjustment for the two of them; he slept on her pillow the first night in his new home. She soon came to describe him as “eerily intelligent.”

“When he wakes me up in the morning, I ask him, ‘What do you want?’” she says. “He either runs to the kitchen for food or into the bathroom to drink water from the sink.”

The family avoids using the word treat because all five of their pets, three terriers and one old cat, Vann, all get excited. The family began spelling the word, but Ziggy quickly learned how to spell. Now they refer to treats as Ts. But how long will it take for Ziggy to figure that out, considering that “he lives for treats and is a little beggar”?

He has buddied up with the family’s terrier pup, Finnegan. “They cuddle up and sleep together on the couch,” Marlee says. Even old Vann manages to dredge up a spark of playfulness when Ziggy persists, and people who don’t like cats find themselves cooing over Ziggy.

Marlee has had him for over six years, and he has comforted her during some bad times. “I used to suffer from seizures and would wake up with Ziggy wrapped around my head, mewing worriedly until I regained consciousness, ” she says.

We all have some lucky days in our lives, and Marlee looks back to the day she saw Ziggy on Petfinder and counts that as one of hers. It was Ziggy’s, too.

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