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Happy Tail: Two Shih Tzus heal another’s depression


After a long, desperate fight to save their ailing dog, Jake, Dave and Cynthia Werths of Sedalia, MO, had to make the agonizing decision to have him euthanized. They were devastated – and so was their dog, Lucy.

Siblings Buddy and Bella were adopted together.

Siblings Buddy and Bella were adopted together.

“I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog, and if it was right for our Lucy,” Cynthia Werths says. “She never was welcoming to other dogs, but she was so depressed and didn’t seem to be coming out of it.”

Cynthia’s husband, Dave, found Petfinder, and they began surfing the website, where they saw Buddy and Bella listed by Pals Animal Rescue in Wichita, KS. The Shih Tzus’ were siblings and had been surrendered by an elderly woman because of her husband’s health issues. The rescue wanted to place the dogs together.

“We really didn’t want two more dogs,” Cynthia says, “but we talked it over and realized it would probably be hard for them to find a home together.”

On the way to the shelter, they realized it was Valentine’s Day, three years to the day when Jake had first gotten sick. “I hoped it was a good sign,” Cynthia says.

It took Lucy awhile, but now the three dogs are good friends.

It took Lucy awhile, but now the three dogs are good friends.

At first they weren’t too sure; Lucy ignored the newcomers. “Then one day during lunch, Dave showed me a video he had just taken,” Cynthia says. “It was Lucy and Bella wrestling. I choked back the tears of joy. Finally the weight of the world had lifted, and we knew we had done the right thing.”

Cynthia has contacted the people who had to surrender the dogs to let them know they are fine, which must be a great relief to them. And Lucy’s relief is apparent as all three dogs run laps inside the house and play together. At night they curl up together to sleep. “It’s a good thing we have a king-size bed so we can all fit in it,” Cynthia says.

Jake is not forgotten, but the days are full of smiles once again.

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