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Happy Tail: Madi will brighten patients’ days


Courtney Brown of Barrington, NH, had moved back home and wanted a dog with whom she could do therapy work. She began looking on Petfinder and, just before Christmas, spotted Madi’s photo.
She showed it to her mother, who said, “She’s the one.” The whole family thought the picture was adorable, and when they met her, their first impulse proved to be true. She was adorable.

Madi brings a smile to the faces of everyone who meets her.

Madi brings a smile to the faces of everyone who meets her.

“What appealed to my mom in the photo was Madi’s ears,” Courtney says. “They stuck straight out. On any given day we call her ‘The Flying Nun’ or ‘Pippi Longstocking.'”

Madi has had three chances at a better life. Her first came when she was rescued; the second when she was shipped with her littermates from an overcrowded shelter in the south to Canine Commitment in New Boston, NH, a move that probably saved her life.

And the third came when Courtney adopted her. The family has a 6-year-old yellow Lab, but this was the first dog Courtney had adopted in her own name.

One reason the family wanted another dog was to be a companion for the Lab, and Madi gets along just fine with her, going so far as to clean the older dog’s face twice a day at the same time without fail.

Courtney’s dream is to visit hospitals and nursing homes with Madi. “I have been hospitalized for a serious illness myself and know how monotonous it can be,” Courtney says. ” I want to brighten patients’ days up.”

The first step toward fulfilling the dream was to enroll Madi in school. She has now passed Puppy 1 class, is enrolled in Puppy 2 and will then go into Good Citizen training. The final step will be taking the therapy dog exam.

Courtney is confident that Madi will be a great therapy dog because she is friendly and intelligent and “puts a smile on the face of any person she meets.” She’ll be just what the doctors ordered.

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