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Happy Tail: Andy the cat has a distinctive personality


Anyone who has cats knows they have very distinctive habits. Take Andy. He has a ritual of covering up his food plate after he eats. “I leave out paper towels for him, but he often accessorizes them with whatever toys are lying around. He is really quite the artist,” says Meredith Anderson, who adopted him. He covers her other cat’s plate as well.

Andy keeps an eye on things.

Andy keeps an eye on things.

The other cat, Valentina, was Meredith’s motivation for logging on to Petfinder, even though she wasn’t sure she was ready to adopt. But her older cat had died, and Meredith wanted Valentina to have a buddy. Once on Petfinder, she saw Andy listed by Alliance for Animals, Boston.

“It was love at first sight,” Meredith says. “He was just so cute and fluffy.” Any reservations vanished.

Another of his personality traits is how floppy he is. “He tends to sleep and sit in really funny positions,” she says. His floppiness inspired her to name him Andy after Raggedy Andy.

Andy greets her when she arrives home. “He is always waiting right by the door and comes out into the hall of my condo building to say ‘hi’ and have me pet him. He will walk toward the door and flop on the floor and I pat him, then he gets up and heads for the door, but turns around and walks further down the hall, where I pet him again.” Getting into the house can be a lengthy process.

He was living outside when he was rescued and is still a bit skittish, but is becoming more relaxed all the time as he learns to trust. His family gives him the confidence to do so and to be his own distinctive self.

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