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Happy Tail: A young Border Collie is spot on


Sandy Curry has only good things to say about Border Collies. She has 12-year-old Harley to thank for her good opinion.

“I give this breed the seal of approval for loyalty, energy, and out-right intelligence,” she says. “I had been looking for [another] Border Collie that my Harley could teach before she leaves us due to old age.”

On the Internet, she says she found lots of people who were more interested in making money than finding a good home for their dogs. But her thought was “the dog doesn’t know it has papers, and I was not interested in breeding one, just expanding my family a little.” The family has two Pomeranians in addition to Harley.

Rachel sacks out for the night in her favorite spot.

Rachel sacks out for the night in her favorite spot.

Then she found Petfinder and saw a young Border Collie, Rachel, at the Good Shepherd Humane Society in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which was about 61 miles from her home in Missouri. That didn’t seem too far to go for a good dog.

She contacted the shelter and learned that Rachel was still available. Sandy was unable to get off work, but her husband and son made the trip.

“Before they left, my husband said that if she was not what I was looking for that he was not going to adopt her,” she says. “I said that was fine.”

That afternoon, she got a call from her husband. “We are on our way home, and you are going to love her.”

He was so right. “I love her temperament … and she has spots! I’m a spot lover!” Sandy says. “She has taken my son as her own and has slept with him every night.”

And speaking of spots, Sandy’s husband was spot on about this young Border Collie. Sandy loves her, as does the whole family, including the dogs.

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