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Happy Tail: Snow didn’t stop this Papillon’s adoption


Diana White is a Petfinder veteran. She adopted Moxie through Petfinder at Illinois Doberman Rescue in 2009, and then Toby listed by Annie’s Little Angels, in 2011. In 2014, she retired to Nevada. Moxie became very ill in October and passed away, and Toby soon became lonely. In January, Diana began another search. Chiquilla popped up. The Papillon mix had been surrendered to a county animal shelter when she was 7 years old because her family was moving. Angels Rescuing Kritters (ARK) in Weimar, CA, pulled her from the shelter and listed her on Petfinder.

Diana acted immediately, and so did ARK, suggesting she bring Toby for a meet and greet.

Chiquilla seems to ask, "Is it my turn to sit in your lap?"

Chiquilla seems to ask, “Is it my turn to sit in your lap?”

“We’re in the middle of a drought in Nevada and California. It has barely snowed. The Tuesday we agreed to meet and greet, however, we had a big snowstorm. I’m used to the flat lands of the Midwest, and the thought of driving over the Sierra Mountains in a snowstorm scared me a lot,” but what’s fear when Chiquilla was waiting! She enlisted her sister to accompany her.

The introduction of the two dogs went off without a hitch, and soon they started home. The two dogs sat in the back and were quiet at first, then Chiquilla began to whine. Diana’s sister held her in her lap the rest of the way. They made it home safely, and Chiquilla was exhausted. It had been quite a day for her.

The next day, she discovered the toys. “She has already ripped the stuffing out of four of them,” Diana says. “She and Toby play tug a lot. They have their own recliners, and the couch is fair game or both. Sometimes they cuddle together on the couch.”

Toby has a friend again, and Diana has another “wonderful” dog via Petfinder – her third adoption.

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