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Happy Tail: Guinea pigs get new digs


When Kelly Day contacted The Critter Corral in Steger, IL, about adopting Tater Tot, a guinea pig she’d seen on Petfinder, Rose, the founder, asked if she might consider Coco, a piggy with two things going against her chances of being adopted – a head tilt and pink eyes.  Kelly had adopted from the rescue before and always liked to take a pet that had been there the longest or one who stood the least chance of being adopted, so she didn’t hesitate.

Coco's head tilt and pink eyes don't make her less lovable.

Coco’s head tilt and pink eyes don’t make her less lovable.


“When I arrived to adopt Coco, Rose asked if I was still interested in Tater Tot as well, Kelly says. “I told her that I could only take on one more pig because that was all I had room for.”

She stopped to eat lunch on the way home, feeling awful that she had left him behind when she’d been looking at his picture for weeks.  “After some thought, I returned to the adoption event and adopted him,” she says, “and was able to purchase his cage, too.  I was on cloud nine!”



Tater shows his curiosity.

Tater shows his curiosity.

Kelly has four guinea pigs and awakens to their chirping for their breakfast of carrots, cucumbers and apples.  “I can’t imagine not having any one of them, as they all sing-song to each other and to me, making my day each and every morning.”

March is Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea-Pig Month. Learn more about these small furry pets and consider adding one to your family.  Petfinder has about 700 listed for adoption at any given time. Find the nearest ones to you.

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