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Happy Tail: Bella becomes a beauty


Paul and Jen Edson peered at the photo they’d just received from Petfinder after requesting emails be sent when a new pet matching their search criteria was entered into the database. Their beloved Shih Tzu had died about three months earlier, and Jen was pressing to adopt a dog to help ease their grief. But this one they were looking at hardly looked like a dog at all. No eyes were visible beneath the mat of knotted hair. She sort of resembled a rag mop.

Bella wants to play.

Bella wants to play.

The dog, now named Bella, was at San Bernardino County Animal Shelter and had been picked up as a stray. She had to be held for a certain number of days in case the original owner came looking, but the Edsons went to meet her anyway – just in case she became available.

“Bella won our hearts with her little ‘cricket’ legs and poses as we watched her in her cage,” Paul says.
They left the shelter and began waiting.

No one came looking for Bella, so when the waiting period was up, the Edsons returned to the shelter to adopt her. To their dismay, so did two other families.

“It came down to a lottery,” Paul Edson says,” and my wife picked the right number. Little Bella started her life with us that day.”

The new life started with a good bath. “We washed four times in a row, with bugs and dirt just pouring off her,” Edson says. “We cut out as many knots as possible. Her picture today looks nothing like her picture when we brought her home that day in September.”

“I had been reluctant to get another dog,” Paul admits, “but my wife, God bless her, helped me — and us — make the decision to take on Bella. And how great it has been. We both know our little Shih Tzu girl in heaven sent Bella our way.” Life is more beautiful with Bella.

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