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Happy Tail: A Foxhound mix finds a family


It was a unanimous decision. Stephanie Scovel-Toney and her husband, Donald — and their dog, Tegan — wanted Archer to be part of their family. He had been at Rappahannock Animal Welfare League in Virginia for almost a year, and they couldn’t understand why this sweet dog hadn’t already been adopted. But after just a short walk to get acquainted, they were glad he was still there; it was as if he were waiting for them.

Archer may have been a hunting dog who strayed.

Archer may have been a hunting dog who strayed.

Six months earlier, their beloved dog, Timmy, had passed away, and Tegan was obviously lonely for a buddy, so the couple started looking on Petfinder. That’s where they spotted the big spotted dog, probably a Foxhound mix, although Stephanie calls both Archer and Tegan North American Treat Hounds. “Their favorite pastime is begging for food,” she says.

Archer is a morning dog and, if the humans aren’t up early enough for him, he pulls off their covers and licks their feet until they give in. “He is very persistent, and when he really wants the whole family to get up and play, he will not rest until we are all up,” Stephanie says.

He’s really something of a scamp. Stephanie is a knitter, and if she looks away, Archer grabs the ball of yarn, runs off and plays with it like a cat. “A giant cat,” she adds.

The couple gets together with friends for parties where everyone brings their dogs. The “scamp” in Archer showed itself again at one of these parties. Someone noticed that all of the dog food kept in the laundry room had mysteriously disappeared. Just then they caught Archer sneaking out the dog door. Mystery solved and lesson learned: “If you have dog food in the laundry room, lock the dog door because Archer believes in helping himself,” Stephanie says.

“We didn’t know how he would be with kids,” she says, “but thankfully, he’s great. We recently had friends over, and their 3-year-old daughter played Archer’s spots like a piano, and he just stood there,” a little confused, perhaps, but patient.

He’s also cute, but Stephanie says, “That’s just icing on the cake.” The “cake” itself is a sweet addition to the family.

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