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Happy Tail: Rabbit heals two grieving hearts

Dolly Daffodil looks alert when she sees the camera.

Dolly Daffodil’s curiosity is aroused when she catches sight of someone with a camera.

Marinda Stretavsky watched as the white Rex rabbit groomed Tonky’s face when they first met. She was relieved because, for a rabbit “meet and greet,” it was a good sign.

Her Flemish Giant, Stella, had to be euthanized in mid-November after a difficult illness, and Marinda knew her little Holland Lop needed a new friend. So right before Christmas she looked at adoptable rabbits on Petfinder. She zeroed in on the Rex rabbit, listed by Rabbit Wranglers, which is based in Pittsburgh, PA, and made arrangements for the meeting.

“She became a Christmas present for Tonky,” Marinda says. “I brought her home on December 21, the Winter Solstice, which I thought was perfect as rabbits are so connected to the moon.” Many cultures, she says, have folktales about a rabbit that lives on the moon, and artists have portrayed rabbits running across its face. “Next time we have a full moon, go take a look from different angles — you will see a rabbit instead of the face of a man as many of us have seen all our lives.”

The bonding process between the two rabbits is ongoing and going well. She has renamed the rabbit Dolly Daffodil. “Both Alyssa from Rabbit Wranglers and Lucille, her foster mom, have been very encouraging to me during the bonding process,” Marinda says. She adds that Dolly Daffodil’s “joyful presence” has helped her work though her grief over losing Stella. “Besides her compatibility with Tonky, she and I have bonded, and this has helped me tremendously.”

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month, a good time to adopt a bunny Valentine. Read about rabbits as pets. 

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