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Happy Tail: Labrador Retriever is a star puppy


The St. Louis Senior Dog Project doesn’t seem like a place to find a young dog to adopt, but in fact the rescue group sometimes has puppies and even cats. It was at one of those times when Benjamin and Abbey James saw Cucumber listed on Petfinder. She, along with her siblings, was relinquished to the Project, which promptly began to look for permanent homes for the pups.

River is ready to go on an outing.

River is ready to go on an outing.

After they saw her, the Jameses went to an adoption event to meet her. “We were looking for a dog to keep Abbey company around the house because she primarily works from home, and I wanted a fishing/outdoor companion for me,” Benjamin says. She’s a chocolate-colored Labrador Retriever with hints of other breeds in the mix. A Lab seemed like a perfect fishing companion to Benjamin, and the couple adopted her. They changed her name to River – well, River Cucumber James, to be exact.

“She has passed the AKC kindergarten course and received the star puppy award,” Benjamin says. That means she mastered the basics like sit, down, stay, and come, all of which came in handy when Benjamin took her fishing for the first time about a month ago. “She loved it!” he says.

When he arrives home from work each day, River meets him with what the couple has dubbed helicopter butt. “Her tail starts swinging in a big circle as she runs up to greet me,” he says.

Adopting a puppy has exceeded their expectations. “It has been a better experience than either of us could have imagined. We both had dogs as children, but raising one from infancy on our own has given an even deeper connection. We love her dearly and are so thrilled we found her.” She gets lots of attention and belly rubs and, in turn, she expresses her love with kisses, which she lavishes on them with abandon.

Life is good for a pup in a loving home.

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