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Happy Tail: Callie chose her family


Derek Magesis and his fiancée, Nicole, had talked about getting a puppy for several years, but they took turns worrying about leaving a puppy alone all day while they were at work. Finally, Nicole starting showing Derek puppies listed for adoption online.

“I can’t count the number of nights we spent on the couch, searching through Petfinder for dogs available in our area,” Derek says.

Callie set her sights on Derek and won his heart.

Callie set her sights on Derek and won his heart.

One night Nicole showed him a photo of a litter of newborn puppies. He wasn’t too excited about meeting them, but Nicole made an appointment with Caring About The Strays in Westwood, NJ, to meet the pups at their foster home.

Once there, Nicole waded right in amid the puppies, while Derek watched from the sidelines. “The smallest of the puppies immediately came over and looked up at me, then looked down and lay down on the floor next to me,” he says. “She rested her head on my foot and fell asleep.”

After about five minutes, Derek stood up and walked around to see the others; the puppy got up and followed him. “That was it, right there. I knew it; she was ours,” he says.

They applied to adopt her, but so had a handful of other people. They waited in suspense for about a week before they learned they had been chosen.

She was brought to her new home and immediately made it hers. “She was running all over the place, jumping on us, licking our faces and constantly wanting to cuddle,” Derek says. They renamed her Callie, and within 30 minutes she was responding to the new name. “That’s when we realized how smart she is,” he says. “She is one of the best things to ever happen to us.”

As for being alone while they are at work — they’re talking about adopting another dog to keep her company. A good solution.

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