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Happy Tail: The family is smitten with the kitten


Maybe isn’t an ordinary name for a cat, but for the tiny Siamese mix it seemed appropriate . She had been found on the streets and was picked up by Johnston County Animal Services in Smithfield, NC. The staff posted her on Petfinder, where Michelle Garrett saw her listing and packed up her two daughters, 6 and 3, and went to meet the kitty.

“She was in rough shape with an upper respiratory infection,” the Raleigh, NC, woman says. “Her eyes wouldn’t open all the way, and she was still recovering from being spayed and being treated for ear mites.

Joanna adores Maybe the cat.

Joanna adores Maybe the cat.

The girls were smitten the moment they met her, but Michelle wondered how the cat would react to a noisy household.

“As I held this little whiff of a cat, an alarm bell went off to alert shelter staff to a car in the loading area, and the kitty didn’t even flinch. I actually said, “Yep. She’s the one. If she can handle that level of noise without moving so much as a muscle, she can handle the noise my kids are going to throw her way.”

She decided to adopt her. “I took her to the vet before even taking her home, and left with several prescriptions and a semi-responsive cat,” Michelle says. “We genuinely weren’t sure if she was going to make it or not, which is how she earned the name Maybe.”

These days she’s a lively and healthy kitty, and there is no maybe about how much she loves her family. She follows them around the house and has endless patience with the girls, who like to carry her around in baskets, dance with her and tickle her paws.

“As we say daily around here,” Michelle says, “she’s the best cat in the history of cats!”

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