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Happy Tail: Maine Coon cat’s depression disappears


Ana Potts spotted Genevieve, a Maine Coon cat, on Petfinder and made a trip to meet her, but all she could see was Genevieve’s back. The cat lay in her bed and faced the wall of her cage at the pet store adoption center where Cat Crusade Adoption and Rescue, Fort Lauderdale, houses some of its adoptable pets.

She visited a few days later: same story. “I got a brief glance of her beautiful eyes, but they were filled with sadness,” the Sunrise, FL, woman says. “I felt terrible for her.”

Genevieve has settled into the family.

Genevieve has settled into the family.

The cat was depressed. She had been in two foster homes, but both times the people developed allergies to her. That concerned Ana because she suffers from many allergies, but she already had one older cat, Fluffy, and had experienced no symptoms with her.

“I decided I owed it to Genevieve and to myself to foster her and see if we could make it work.”

Once in Ana’s home, Genevieve disappeared under the bed where she stayed, only coming out at night when she thought nobody was around. A month passed before she started walking around the house, and it was even longer before she trusted Ana. Because Ana hadn’t developed any allergy symptoms, she finalized the adoption.

Genevieve has become a good companion for Fluffy. “If I had known how much it would enrich my cat’s life to have a companion while I am at work, I would have been looking for a second cat much earlier.” She has adopted a third cat, Nuke, who is closer to Genevieve’s age, and the two love to play soccer and to hide and then jump out to startle each other.

The three cats were taking turns sleeping with Ana. “It was almost as if whoever made it there first got to sleep on my bed.” Then things changed. “I guess the three of them had a meeting and agreed on a division of my bed.” She came to bed one night and found all three cats waiting there. Now “Fluffy sleeps next to my head, using my pillow, Genevieve sleeps next to my stomach and Nuke sleeps by my feet.”

It’s a cozy arrangement, and Genevieve’s depression has fled. She finally has a family.

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