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Happy Tail: A match is made across the miles


Bella’s first home didn’t work out. The family said she was too big and wasn’t good around young children, so they relinquished her to The Animal Shelter Society in Zanesville, OH, who listed her on Petfinder.

To Tina Trieff, who was looking for a buddy for her German Shepherd, Hayden, the “too big” dog looked like the perfect size. She and her boyfriend, Chris, drove three hours to meet her. It was a long trip, but they felt strongly she was the one.

Bella has settled into her new home.

Bella has settled into her new home.

They adopted her and hoped they would bond on the trip home. It took a little longer than that.

“She was very confused at first, but after having her for two weeks, she knew she had found her fur-ever home,” Tina says. “She and Hayden love each other; they play and give nose kisses all the time. After getting worn out, they lie next to each other until the next romp.” They also take a two-mile walk each day.

Chris has two grandchildren, boys ages 12 and 8. For them, Bella isn’t too big and is a good playmate. “She is learning to play with younger children, and they get along great!” Tina says.

Adopting a dog is all about finding a good match. Through Petfinder, Tina connected with Bella across the miles.

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