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Happy Tail: Older dog is a treasure

A year ago, Mandy was homeless.

A year ago, Mandy was homeless.

It’s early, and Alice Chambers and her husband, Martin, would like a bit more sleep. But Mandy, their adopted dog, is up with the sun, pawing at the side of the bed and whining.Time to get up, she seems to say. Or maybe she’s just saying it’s time to eat breakfast. In either case, Alice rouses long enough to let Mandy out and fetch her a bite to eat, and then she returns to bed to catch a few more Zs. Soon Mandy pads back to the bedroom and gets back in her bed, too.

For Mandy a little bed to call her own must feel like a luxury, as is someone to feed her. A year or so ago, she was homeless and foraged for her food in garbage cans. She was spotted by a volunteer at Mostly Mutts Pet Rescue of Kennesaw, GA, who took her in and listed her on Petfinder. And then Mandy waited.

Because of a divorce, Alice Chambers has joint custody of her two adopted rescue dogs with her ex-husband, but she only gets to have them for one week each month. When she remarried, she and her “amazing and loving” new husband decided they wanted to rescue a dog of their own. They saw Mandy on Petfinder and put in an application, but it was meeting her in person that clinched the adoption.

“We instantly fell in love with her,” Alice says. “She fit right in and is the sweetest dog we could imagine.”

She speculates that Mandy was overlooked for that year in rescue because she was four years old. “Everybody always wants a puppy,” she says, “but my husband and I are retired, and we wanted a dog a little bit older. ” The good news about older dogs is that they often are house trained, as was Mandy, and are past the chewing-on-everything stage. You also know what you’re getting.

As Alice, Martin and their son, Gabriel, who was adopted at about the same time Mandy was, sit down to watch a movie together, Mandy is part of the pack. Soon Alice’s other two dogs will be coming for their week with her, and she’s looking forward to introducing Mandy to them. They are about the same age and were also rescues.

“She is going to love them,” Alice says. “I know they will play and have so much fun together!” Mandy is one more family treasure.

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