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Happy Tail: Mitch the Beagle finds his niche


Mitch was timid when he came to his new home with the Sundins in Edina, MN, but he also had a mind of his own and convinced them he didn’t want to spend any time in a crate, not even sleeping, probably because he had lived in a kennel the first two years of his life. Eventually, he was transferred to SAFE Sanctuary in Faribault, MN, placed in a foster home and posted on Petfinder.

Mitch finds a cozy place to watch what's going on around the house.

Mitch keeps an eye on what’s going on around the house.

His Petfinder listing had a little heart beside it, and when Jane Sundin saw it, she wondered what it signified. Did he have a medical condition? His fosterer said it was because he was weird.

“Well, we do weird,” Jane says. “Our other dog, Tess, goes nuts when she sees windshield wipers on TV and barks at dogs on TV, so we can never watch dog shows. So, if Mitch was ‘weird,’ we could likely deal with it!”

They knew the Beagle mix was for them the moment he made eye contact. She and her two sons, then 19 and 22, each took him for a walk and, one by one, fell in love. Of course, there was Tess. Would she accept Mitch? She had already turned paws down to one potential adoptee.

They took him home for a trial and – success! They adopted him. They did note things that were a little weird, but it was not bad weird. Doorways stopped him; he would stand at the family room doorway and stare at Jane in the kitchen. Stairs befuddled him; he did not know how to go up and down them. He wouldn’t eat out of the food bowl for several days.

Time changed all that. “He is not an attention-seeking dog; he is simply content to be near you,” Jane says. He hangs out with her sons when they watch TV and lies on his kitchen bed while Jane is cooking. He follows her around when she does her chores. “If I’m carrying in groceries, he goes with me – in and out — for each trip bringing them in,” she says.

He likes to play, but Tess, 13, won’t accommodate him, although when he comes in from outside, he always has hope. He finds her, checks her out, but getting no encouragement, he goes on his way to pick through his pile of toys, finding just the right one for the moment.

“We are doing our best to make sure all the good, loving memories outnumber the cold nights spent in a kennel,” Jane says, adding that he has completed their family, asking for nothing and giving everything. Mitch has found his niche.

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