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Happy Tail: A dog fetches it forward


Some dogs are camera shy, but not Jeffrey. “He’s a real ham,” says Rebecca Pepin, who, with her husband, adopted the dog about seven years ago. “He’ll just be hanging out, and I’ll notice some pretty scenery and how handsome he looks – out comes the camera and Jeffrey starts posing! One day while he was standing on a snow bank and I pulled out the camera, it was literally like a model photo shoot. He was turning this way and that and tucking his head coyly. It was precious!”

Jeffrey is always ready for a photo shoot.

Jeffrey is always ready for a photo shoot.

It’s not too much to expect of a dog whose stylized face graces t-shirts, mugs and other gear. He’s pretty famous and his fame is spreading.

On the other hand, it’s amazing progress for an insecure dog that faced euthanasia when he was at an open admission shelter. Fortunately, Kay Stewart, who started Happy Tails Animal Rescue of Washington County, VA, saved him and fostered him for six months while she prepped him for a real home. The Pepins saw him on Petfinder and fell for his floppy ears and wise eyes.

Still he was insecure and suffered from separation anxiety. “It took about a year to really get him out of his shell,” Rebecca says. And the house suffered some in the process — torn blinds, chewed woodwork. But he was worth it.

Jeffrey inspired her and her husband to launch a company to do something for homeless pets. Fetching Apparel shares 40% of its profits with Happy Tails Animal Rescue and Bristol Humane Society’s MBM Spay/Neuter clinic.

“Our logo is Jeffrey and our slogan is ‘Go get it!'” she says. Their website notes they are helping homeless pets one tee at a time. This is a dog that is fetching it forward for homeless pets.

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