Special Needs Pomeranian Gets Second Chance

By Michelle Lira


For quite some time I’ve wanted a dog. I’ve always loved dogs, but I’ve never had my own. Living in NYC doesn’t really afford you the luxury of space, time nor money to properly commit to having one. Or at least that’s what I told myself. Then I met Chauncy.


Chauncy enjoying time outdoors.

While volunteering at Animal Haven in SoHo, I was introduced to a little Pomeranian mix. At the time, he was about 6.5 lbs and he was suffering from pretty severe arthritis, hip dysplasia and, as a result, muscular atrophy. His issues were pretty obvious because he was shaking and was having a difficult time walking, although he did show off a bit for me–I peered down and I saw him army crawling his way under a desk towards me. After I recovered from my heart melting a bit, I picked the little guy up and asked what his background was. Upon hearing the challenges he had faced, I knew I had to have him in my life.

A week later, I picked up the Pomeranian, Chauncy, from the shelter to foster. The shelter walked me through all his medications and how to track his intake, as well as promise to commit to his water therapy. Earlier that day I spent an hour or so researching care for arthritic dogs and even though I felt educated enough about his diet, medication and exercises, I still felt pretty intimidated.


Chauncy does water therapy to help strengthen his atrophied muscles.
Image credit: Michelle Lira

Intimidating or not, my time with Chauncy has been nothing short of spectacular. Despite some of the obstacles he faces, he has the sweetest and most gentle demeanor. He always looks like he’s smiling and he just wants to give and receive affection. His good nature makes me want to give back to him even more and I can just feel love oozing and pouring out of me towards him. Safe to say, he’s getting to be pretty spoiled.

I recommend fostering to anyone. Although this may be a foster fail (strongly considering adopting), the return of this dog’s love makes everything worthwhile. I know that I am helping him by providing a stable environment that is his own. Since I’ve had him I’ve seen tremendous growth in his mobile abilities. I couldn’t be happier nor prouder to say that I am the lucky person he chose to help him do this.

Since this article was written, Michelle has officially adopted Chauncy! You can follow his recovery and other adventures on Instagram at @Chauncy_the_pom.