Martin: Labeled ‘Stubborn and Reactive’



A pet that is perceived to have a behavior problem can be difficult to place; sometimes, however, the underlying problem is medical — and treatable. For example, when Martin, a young Beagle, arrived at Three Sisters Pet Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio, he’d been “stubborn and reactive” – but as it turned out, his issues were due to chronic and severe pain from bad ear infections and rotted teeth.

Thanks to donors like you, an Orvis matching donation and a grant from the Petfinder Foundation, Three Sisters was able to pay for a trainer evaluation, medical care and supplies to increase their dogs’ visibility at adoption events, benefiting Martin and many other adoptable dogs.


Martin with his new family.

“Because of the grant from the Petfinder Foundation and Orvis, we were able to deal with Martin’s pain and prove that he is an awesome dog,” Three Sisters president Susan Hergert tells us. “He has now been adopted by a loving family that reports he is the best-behaved dog ever.”

Read Martin’s story here.

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