Lincoln: A Black Cat, and an ‘Awkward Teenager’


Lincoln had two characteristics that made him harder to place when he was looking for a home at Lenawee Humane Society in Adrian, Michigan. First, he was a black cat, and black pets have a hard time getting adopted. Second, at 4 months old, he was at an age that doesn’t appeal to most adopters.


Lincoln with his new owner.

“He had been with us since he was just several weeks old,” LHS communications manager Sasha Wilkerson tells us. “Unfortunately, his litter arrived with severe upper respiratory infections, and after weeks of medical treatments and antibiotics, Lincoln missed his chance at the adoption floor while he was a ‘cute’ kitten. Adopters came in looking for really young kittens or older adults –- never the awkward teenagers.”

Luckily, thanks to visitors who donated through the Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor a Pet program, the shelter was able to give him the boost he needed. “Lincoln wasn’t a flashy cat due to his black coat, but he was one of our sweetest,” Wilkerson says. “We reduced his adoption fee with the help of our “Sponsor A Pet” grant, spotlighted him, and within a couple of days his new owner came across him and immediately adopted him. We couldn’t have asked for a better ending!”

Read Lincoln’s story here.

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