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Happy Tail: Beauregard is a fine southern gent


When Sue Hoy of Massachusetts searched Petfinder for a dog to adopt, she became smitten with one named Dozer at the Jackson County Humane Society in Arkansas. Distance seemed like an obstacle, but because of cooperation between shelters, it was no impediment. He would be transported to the Northeast if someone there stepped up to adopt him.

Sue's granddaughter loves Beau.

Sue’s granddaughter loves Beau.

Sue was that someone. She contacted the shelter and submitted an application, and the humane society began its rigorous adoption procedure that makes sure pets will be going to good homes.

“We check an applicant’s veterinarian and personal references and require photos of their home and yard,” says Rita Grigsby at Jackson County Humane Society.

Sue’s application was OK’d, and on August 2, she and her boyfriend headed to Connecticut where they met a large, dog-transport truck in the park-and-drive lot off the highway. Aboard was 4-month-old Dozer, now named Beauregard, Beau for short, “to better fit his southern roots,” Sue says. Now, she adds, “we think maybe we should have named him Hoover for the speed with which he vacuums up all the food from his bowl.” They soon were heading home with Beau.

Getting acquainted has been a joy. “He has been very easy to train and is just a happy boy!” Sue says. “He is definitely part hound! He walks around with that nose to the ground and, when he first came to us, would zigzag when he walked. Made it pretty difficult to powerwalk, let me tell you!”

Beau and the family cat, Terror, get along very well “until Beau wants to lick Terror’s face. Terror isn’t exactly fond of that,” Sue says. On the other hand, Sue’s two-year-old granddaughter doesn’t seem to mind Beau’s kisses at all.

Beauregard has proved himself to be a fine southern “gentleman” and is a wonderful addition to the family.

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