Big Girl: Shy and Anxious After Life on the Streets

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to a pet’s adoption is his or her own fearfulness. This was the case with B.G. (short for Big Girl), found wandering the streets with her friend L.G. (Little Girl) and brought to Suncoast Humane Society in Plant City, Florida, in January.


Big Girl wears her ThunderShirt often to help calm her anxiety.

“These shepherd mixes were very timid and both had some form of anxiety, with Little Girl also having thunderstorm anxiety,” Suncoast development and marketing coordinator Sara Cox tells us. “Perhaps because it took them a while to warm up to people due to their timidness, both girls waited about six months before finding forever homes with people who were willing to work with them through their anxiety issues.”

Thanks to a grant from the Petfinder Foundation, the shelter was able to give both dogs ThunderShirts, garments that ease dogs’ anxiety through gentle compression. The shirts went home with both dogs when they were adopted, and the adopters were instructed on how and when to use them (other anxious dogs at the shelter were given the shirts as well).

“B.G.’s new pet parents use the ThunderShirt often and have told us how much it has helped B.G.’s anxiety,” Cox says. “L.G. is also comforted by wearing hers. We are so grateful for the help that the shirts have given these great dogs and their new families!”

Read Big Girl’s story here.

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