5 Surprising Things About Tara the Hero Cat

By holistic cat behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde at CatWisdom101.com


When not protecting her human family from dog attacks, Tara the Hero Cat and Internet viral video sensation is a combination of the ordinary and extraordinary.

Layla-Morgan-Wilde-Tara-the-hero-catAt first glance Tara appears like a regular brown tabby. She’s a healthy, normal cat with no physical or behavioral issues. It’s only when meeting her in person that it’s apparent Tara is no ordinary cat. The first time I met her at a fundraising event in New York I was in awe like everyone else clamoring to see her. What struck me immediately was her cool, calm and collected demeanor. I’ve seen show cats used to constant travel and bright lights more ruffled than Tara. She’d flown across country, spent the night at hotel and remained nonplussed by all the fussing, lights, camera and action.

Most cat owners shudder at simply taking their cat to the veterinarian and yet, Tara calmly and graciously took all the tumult in stride. But she’s no pushover. When she’d had enough, she made it clear by jumping off the table at the end of the evening and hiding underneath.

Tara is a rising celebrity cat with star power to spare. She’ll be using her powers for good in support of causes to help cats and kids.

1)  She’s super smart. She leash trained herself. Tara’s first leash excursion was at the Bakersfield Blaze baseball game after her video went viral. She likes to stay close to her folks while she’s outdoors so the leash is simply insurance. Tara has always loved going for walks with her owners Erica and Roger Triantafilo of Bakersfield, California. Tara enjoys walking beside the Triantafilo children’s stroller to accompany their brother Jeremy to school. Roger and Erica originally found Tara as a tiny, homeless kitten who walked up to them in a park.













2)  Even heroes have a naughty side. As a kitten she would pounce on her owners while they slept. She likes playing with window blinds in the VERY early hours of the morning, and she’s been known to bring “gifts” of the occasional lizard.













3)  Tara is tempted treats but not by catnip. About 30 percent of cats show no interest in catnip and Tara is one of them. Some varieties of catnip toys interest her more than others, but we will never see her drooly-faced and high on ’nip. Chicken flavored treats are her favorite.


Tara likes lounging both high and low












4)  Perching high and low. Some cats like lounging low to the ground, while others prefer lofty perches, the higher the better. Tara likes a variety. Her favorite spots include on Roger’s pillow, under the formal dining room table, or on windowsills.


Tara is comfortable appearing in front of cameras










  Tara is a fearless, social butterfly. She loves everyone: people, kids and pets. During house parties she normally cruises between anyone who will show her love. She adores the three young children she lives with and the family dog. Away from home, Tara is equally comfortable flying on airplanes, riding in cars and appearing in front of cameras for media events. It’s likely that her early experiences traveling multiple times a week to Roger’s parents’ house as a kitten, helped turn her into a fearless and friendly social butterfly.

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