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Happy Tail: Third time’s a charm for Min Pin


Over on the dog bed, there’s a lot of loud snorting going on. You see Lilo, a nearly 2-year-old Miniature Pinscher squirming around amid her blanket, jerking the cover this way and that, getting it just right before she settles in for the night. It’s standard procedure, says Tiziana Bianchi, who looks on with pleasure.

After a rocky start in life, Lilo is now sitting pretty .

After a rocky start, Lilo is now sitting pretty .

Lilo, spotted on Petfinder and adopted from Muskoka Animal Rescue Volunteer Group in Emsdale, ON, is one of the joys of Tiziana’s life. Although the dog is a rescue, the Toronto woman says she and her fiancé, Reese, were the ones who needed rescuing after she learned she was unable to have children. “The news was disheartening and pretty much broke me down,” she says. Lilo enabled her to shift her focus to helping a puppy who needed tender, loving care.

Lilo wasn’t without issues, mainly from being taken away from her mother and litter mates too early. Studies have shown that a premature separation can prevent dogs from learning puppy manners. When Lilo was surrendered to the rescue group, she had already been in a second home. Fortunately, she didn’t show aggression, as is sometimes the case, but she was extremely shy and nervous.

Tiziana says that Lilo has become an “amazing, smart and well-centered dog.” She and Stitch, a relative’s Staffordshire Terrier, have a special bond. “At first it didn’t seem like it was going to happen, but then one day they just clicked and became inseparable,” she says. One evening the two dogs were playing, and “Lilo went running for Stitch as he was lying down. Suddenly he moved so quickly that as Lilo jumped for him, they hit, and Lilo went bouncing into the air, a full 360 degrees, before landing, miraculously, on her paws. I swear this dog is Wonder Woman.”

This, Lilo’s third home, is a charm, thanks to Tiziana and Reese.  All homeless pets should be so lucky.

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