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Happy Tail: Technology makes a special match


The adoption story about Rocky and Princess seemed like any other. Alicia Richards and her fiancé, Mark, wanted a pair of cats who got along with each other. They also wanted older cats that wouldn’t be underfoot. On a whim, they began searching on Petfinder.

Shortly before they began their search, a man had found that he could no longer keep his two cats. He was heartsick because they had been together for eight years and he didn’t want them separated. Adopt a Kitty in Mobile, AL, listed them on Petfinder for him.

Rocky and Princess are both lucky and content to be together.

Rocky and Princess are both lucky and content to be together.

Technology was set to make a match, but this matchmaking on Petfinder was a little different.

Both Alicia and Mark are totally blind. They typed in their search criteria with the assistance of a voice synthesizer, which reported what was on the monitor, and the pet list where they “saw” Rocky and Princess was delivered via the same method.

Rocky and Princess have adjusted beautifully to their new home, and Alicia is certain they know she and Mark can’t see them. “They’ve taken to giving one soft meow to let us know they’re there if they see us coming up the stairs,” she says, and Rocky, who used to be the quiet one has become more vocal. “He knows he needs to say something to get attention.”

He is the playful one. “Almost anything is a toy to him,” Alicia says, even her hair. “If I lean down to pet him, he stands on his hind legs and bats at it.“

Princess, she reports, is cuddly. She likes sleeping on the bed, wedged between the couple, and wakes them up at six every morning, “nearly on the dot, purring and meowing for breakfast.”

“They both enjoy lying in front of sunny windows, and that’s often when we’ll find them cuddled up together, sharing the same patch of sunlight,” Alicia says. “I found them like that yesterday and, for the thousandth time, truly wished I could get a picture.”

The picture we see in our mind’s eye is of a loving family, and for Rocky and Princess, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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