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Happy Tail: Brady is a gift for all


A family found Brady wandering the streets in Carrollton, TX, took him home and put him in the backyard, planning to keep him as a pet. His persistent barking caused them to change their minds, and they surrendered him to Carrollton Animal Adoption Center. He probably just wanted to be let in — and now he has found his way in — into the hearts of Melissa Knott and her son, Seth.

Brady is bright and alert and always ready to make new friends.

Brady greets visitors at Melissa’s work.

“Once I saw his picture on Petfinder, I knew he was the sweet baby I had been searching for as my son’s birthday present,” Melissa says. She adopted him, and Seth and Brady have become best friends.

Brady came well trained and has learned lots of tricks, including dancing, but the “sweet baby” has his feisty side. About two months after she adopted Brady, she let him out into the backyard to potty. A few minutes later, she opened the door to let him back in, but he hadn’t returned. “I found him lying in a mud puddle he had dug against the fence line,” she says. “He was having so much fun, almost covered head to toe in mud.”

Melissa works at an animal hospital, and Brady goes to work with her most days. He has his own “office” in a room behind her desk, although mostly he’s sleeping on the job. When not snoozing, he’s the official greeter, and when he’s not there, clients ask where he is.

“I’ve had many pets in the past, as it comes with my line of work,” Melissa says, “but there has never been a dog like Brady. My heart swells with love when I look at his ‘old soul’ eyes.”

He was more than a gift for Seth; he turned out to be a gift for Melissa as well.

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