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Happy Tail: Bubba fits like old blue jeans


Bubba is a “serious attention hog,” according to Karen Malone of Beech Island, SC. The German Spitz rolls over on his back to get petted and shows all his teeth. “I call it his werewolf face, and I know he is happy because he will do it for hours if you continue petting him,” Karen says.

Bubba stays alert in case someone is going for a truck ride.

Bubba stays alert in case someone is going for a ride in the family truck.

He may just be making up for lost time. Not so long ago he was a stray and on his own. He looked rough when he was rescued, Karen says. Girard LifeSaver Rescue of Girard, GA, placed him in a foster home to await adoption.

Karen’s path converged with the rescue group through Petfinder. Her old dog, Buster, had died, and her younger one, Dusty, whom she had found via Petfinder, was lonely, so she began browsing the website again.

“I spoke with Girard LifeSaver on the phone, and the rescue owner thought one dog they had would be a good fit,” Karen says. “We arranged for her to bring him to visit us at the house.”

Bubba was smart, sweet and well behaved, so it didn’t take the Malones long to make a decision.

“He joined our family like putting on old jeans: a perfect fit!” Karen says, and Dusty came out of his lonely slump.

One of Bubba’s favorite activities is taking rides in the family truck. “My husband can’t go near it when Bubba is out in the backyard,” Karen says. “He goes and sits by the passenger door and stares at my husband, as if to say, ‘Let’s go already!’ If the door is opened, he will hop in and not get out.”

Karen wanted to adopt a dog in danger of being euthanized at an open-admission shelter, but sometimes, she says, the right dog just finds you, and there’s nothing to do but make him or her part of your family.

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