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Happy Tail: A mischievous Bichon Frisé finds joy


Waverly, a purebred Bichon Frisé, was abandoned by her people, left in a house alone and without food. Her hair was matted and dirty. When she was found, Animal Alliance, a rescue group in Lambertville, NJ, took her in and posted her photo on Petfinder.

Randall Wilson saw her listing. The Newtown, PA, man had lost his 14-year-old dog, Angel, to illness and was feeling lost without her. When he saw Waverly, he arranged to meet her.

Amy settles in a favorite spot with her toys.

Amy settles in a favorite spot with her toys.

Upon arriving at the home where she was being cared for, Randall didn’t recognize her. She’d been shaved to remove the mats from her coat. She was also rather nervous.

He must have seemed a little unsure because the rescue person suggested he take Waverly home for a trial period.

At first the dog stuck to him like Velcro. She didn’t want him out of her sight. It didn’t take long before he knew he couldn’t send her back to an unknown fate; he arranged to adopt her. He gave her a new name — Amy — because “for a new life, she needed a new name,” he says

About a year later, he adopted a second dog, Penny. Amy and Penny make quite a team. “They sleep, play and eat together,” he says. And that’s not all. They make mischief, too. One of them leans against the door to his room just so, and it pops open. Then together, the dogs sneak in and pull out his clothes and shoes. “Amy taught Penny to do it,” he says. Amy particularly likes his socks. “I have many single socks now.”

Randall says Amy has an inner light and can express her feelings with her eyes. At times, she has “bursts of joy,” a joy that must surely come from sensing that this home with Randall is truly forever.

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