Romeo’s Multitasking Wake up Tactic

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Practicing Yoga prepares me for mornings like these.

Practicing Yoga prepares me for mornings like these.

Early this morning, I ran through the big bedroom at high speed and jumped up on the bed, landing on male staff member’s pillow. As he is not typically my fastest way to food, I walked past him (brushing tail across his face, of course) to the female staff member’s sleeping head. I Meowed. And meowed. And MEOWED. No response (shocker) so I sat down to think.

Then I suddenly realized my left leg needed a bit of grooming so I got to work, multitasking. As there was not much room on the pillow, I stretched out my sleek furry leg and found the perfect place to rest my hind paw for ultimate grooming leverage – female staff’s cheek! She was up pretty fast after that.

Who has no thumbs but is a brilliant BREAKFAST-getter? This guy.

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