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Happy Tail: “Ugly duckling” Pit Bull turns into “swan”


How could someone abandon a mama dog and her pups in the dead of winter? Kelsey Masso wondered. That’s what had happened to Dublin, her mom and sibling. Fortunately, North Haven Animal Control in Connecticut came to their rescue.

When Kelsey, who lives in Rhode Island, saw Dublin’s listing on Petfinder, she couldn’t ignore it. She hopped in her car and set out to bring the baby home.

Dublin seems to begging someone to play,

Dublin’s look says, “Let’s play.”

The cost of gasoline to get to North Haven was more than the adoption fee, she says, and when her husband saw the dog for the first time, he was rather dismayed. His wife had brought home a bald, emaciated puppy — an ugly five-dollar pup, he called her.

But then they were both surprised as their “ugly duckling turned into a swan” — a beautiful 50-lb. red nose American Pit Bull Terrier.

Kelsey has nothing but good things to say about Dublin, who is the couple’s pride and joy. She keeps them entertained with her goofiness, but she’s also smart. She is currently on her way to getting her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications.

“I’m a junior in college,” Kelsey says, “and once I get my degree in social work, I plan to do animal-assisted therapy — with my best friend and sidekick, Dublin, of course!”

Dublin is lucky that Kelsey had a soft spot in her heart for an abandoned puppy.

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