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Happy Tail: Missing leg doesn’t stop Finn


Before Finn was a year old, the hound mix was the victim of a hit-and-run driver and was left by the side of the road to die. Someone rescued him and took him to a veterinarian, who treated him. Unfortunately, one of his back legs had to be amputated. No one claimed the dog, so the vet put his story on social media, where Melissa from Missions of Mercy, an animal rescue group in Hanover, PA, saw the post, contacted the vet and agreed to find Finn a home. She put his story on Petfinder.

Finn gets around fine on three good legs -- and sometimes by car.

Finn gets around fine on three good legs — and sometimes by car.

Allison Stethers of Athens, PA, will soon start veterinary school, and she was worried about moving away from her family. She thought a dog would make things easier.

“I wanted Finn as soon as I saw him on Petfinder,” she says. “Going through his pictures, I saw how much he had to go through to learn to walk again, and my heart went out to him.” She arranged to adopt him.

Missing a leg poses little problem for Finn. “Nothing holds him back,” Allison says. “I was initially worried about the stairs in my house, but he runs up and down them all day. Most people don’t even notice he’s missing a leg when he walks around.”

He loves people and, on their walks, gets everyone they pass to pet him. He loves to play at full tilt, which probably accounts for why his second favorite activity is sleeping. Allison says that when anyone says something about going to bed, Finn hears the word bed and is right there, tagging along.

She thinks that when she leaves for school her family will miss Finn more than they miss her. “Everyone absolutely loves him. I’m just lucky I’m the one who gets to call him mine.”

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