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Happy Tail: Blind dog gets help from her family


The odds of an 8-year-old blind Collie mix getting adopted didn’t seem great. But the folks at Hope Pet Rescue in Barrington, IL, listed her on Petfinder and, as their name suggests, they always have hope. It wasn’t in vain.

Mary Siarkiewicz and her husband, Jim Czerwinski, who live in Mt. Prospect, IL, are not fazed by special needs pets. Though they have Corky, a Corgi they took in when Mary’s aunt passed away, and Fezzik, a black Labrador Retriever who came to them when a relative could no longer keep him, their home has included special needs pets as well. Dobby the cat is one of them. Their late dog, Labrador Dali, had required hip surgery at age 2, but had lived to the age of 14. They also had a Collie mix named Candy who went blind in her later years.

Fezzik (left) is a good friend to Annie, who is blind.

Fezzik (left) is a good friend to Annie, a collie mix who is blind.

“We didn’t know she was blind because she got around the house so well,” Mary says. Their vet broke the news to them.

So when they saw the blind Collie mix, Annie, listed on Petfinder, they had no qualms about adopting her.

To help Annie, they outfitted their pets with bells so she would not be surprised by anyone. “I use the scent of lavender on my jeans so she knows my smell,” Mary says. “I also talk to her to let her know if there are stairs and tell her to stop before she walks into anything.”

Fezzik, their Retriever, also watches out for Annie. “He gets out of her way so she has a clear path,” Mary says. “If they are going for a drink of water at the same time, Fezzik will let Annie go first.”

Annie is lucky that Mary and Jim saw her listing on Petfinder. She may be special, but they are very special people to adopt her.

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