Famous Internet Cat Uses Celebrity to Help Pets in Need

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Grumpy Cat®, Maru… it seems like you can’t get online these days without seeing another cat rise to internet stardom. While cat pictures and videos provide hours of entertainment for all, one internet celebri-cat is using her fame to help other cats (and dogs!) while they wait to find their forever homes.

Meet Princess Monster Truck, a black Persian cat with an unforgettable face and attitude to match:

Princess Monster Truck Smiling

Princess Monster Truck was found wandering, matted and hungry, by two artists in Brooklyn, New York. They took her home, fed her, cleaned her up, and got her to a vet, who confirmed that she was healthy and that her distinctive underbite was genetic–not the result of an injury.

Princess Monster Truck, called Monster for short, found a permanent home with the couple, who shared pictures of their new snaggle-toothed addition with friends on Instagram. It wasn’t long before the photos began to go viral, and Monster’s handful of friends and followers quickly expanded into the thousands.

Princess Monster Truck Hiding Under Table

Her owners, animal lovers themselves who support a number of animal rescue organizations around New York, saw the opportunity in suddenly having a large audience, and used it to champion the cause of pet adoption. If you follow Princess Monster Truck on any of her many social media pages, you will not only see cute photos and videos of her cat antics, but also photos of available adoptable pets from around the country. As the Petfinder community knows better than anyone, more eyes on adoptable pets online means more forever homes for pets in need.

And if you’re a Monster fan who wants to help out in other ways besides adopting and fostering, you can do so for the price of a t-shirt or tote bag.  A portion of the proceeds from the t-shirts in the Princess Monster Truck shop designed by Portland artist Brent Wick are donated to his favorite shelter, Cat Adoption Team, in Portland. Princess Monster Truck’s owners also encourage all her fans to make donations to the shelter or rescue of their choice.

It’s inspiring to see the world appreciate the unique benefits of rescuing a pet and even more exciting when all those clicks can turn into real support for other pets still waiting for homes.