Romeo’s Tickle Torture Wake up Tactic

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I recognize I have an unfair advantage when it comes to waking up the staff each morning. I am smarter, more strategic and much, much hungrier. Seems absolutely ridiculous that I even have to rely on them to get my food.

These whiskers were made for ticklin'

These whiskers were made for ticklin’

Today, I totally used my whiskers this morning. I got superclose to female staff member’s sleeping face (mouth open, love it) and lightly brushed my whiskers against her cheek and lips. She licked her lips in response, but didn’t budge. I did it again. She scratched her cheek. Finally, I just took my paw and pushed on her chin, making sure some of my paw fur got on her lips. Aaaaand, that did the trick!

BAM! BREAKFAST was served.

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