Romeo’s Simply Adorable Wake up Tactic

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When waking up one’s human staff, it’s good to be as cute as possible whenever you have the opportunity. When I can combine adorableness and wake up tactics I find it highly efficient and effective.

Sometimes it's just too easy.

Sometimes it’s just too easy.

For example, this morning I was meowing at the female staff manager to wake her up for my BREAKFAST. This was not just any meow. It was what I like to call a purr-meow.

Here’s how it works: I turn my motor on high volume and purr. Then, I ease the purr into a meow in one fluid sound. It’s kinda hard to explain how to do it, especially if you aren’t a cat. However, it works wonders on humans. It’s loud enough to make my intentions known but sweet and purr-y enough to completely melt the staff’s heart. Purr-meow. Purr-meow. Then, sometimes I just purr for a bit to be extra compelling.

She can’t resist me when I’ve got this thang going on and BREAKFAST comes easily on these days. Purr-meow. Purr-meow. Purr-meow. CHOW.

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