Romeo’s Bulldozer Wake up Tactic

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In my line of work, persistence pays off. This morning, I stood behind the female staff member’s slumbering head and pushed my head into the back of hers. Again and again and again.

This is a powerful noggin.

This is one powerful noggin.

She thought she was being sly by pushing her head back in order to thwart my efforts but I know all of her tricks. I continued pushing my head against her head, only stopping when I had to sneeze. Which, by the way, is extremely helpful when one is trying to wake up one’s staff to get one’s BREAKFAST. There’s something about cat sneeze-spray on a human’s neck that makes things happen.

Finally, she could no longer stand the bulldozer-like force of my skull and, with a large sigh, got herself out of bed for BREAKFAST.

And all was as it should be.

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