Romeo’s Bedroom Intruder Wake up Tactic

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The unintended (yet fantastic!) consequence of a bedroom intruder this morning was that BREAKFAST came early!

Oh, hello, MOTH.

Oh hello, MOTH.

Some sort of flying thing was zipping around the big bedroom this morning before the sun was up.

As soon as we became aware of the situation, Pugsley and I went after THE THING with full cat force. Since THE THING was hanging around the bedside table, we had no choice but to deal with him there. We batted, jumped, pawed, meowed and worked as a highly skilled team to rid the premises of THE THING.

It wasn’t long before the female staff woke up and said, “What are you guys doing?!!”

When she realized something had us excited, she turned reached for the light. When the light came on, THE THING flew way up into the lampshade where we could not get him. We both got up on the table and stared up at him. Little jerk.

Staff shooed us off the table and got herself out of bed.

Not sure what happened to THE THING I later learned is called MOTH. But to be honest, I didn’t really care as soon as BREAKFAST was served!

Thanks, MOTH.