Pit Bull Parent: Squirrel Patrol

My dogs are in no way, shape or form guard dogs. We have people over often and they have become accustomed to people coming and going. We also foster often and new animals coming into the house are no longer anything exciting. Nope, guard dogs, they are not, unless you’re a squirrel.

We don’t live in a heavily wooded area. In fact, we don’t have any trees in our yard at all. We do have 3 trees just outside of the fence line, though and they have become a congregation spot for local squirrels.

Every time my dogs run outside, they have a plan in mind. They do their business and then patrol for the squirrels. I have no idea what they think these squirrels are going to do. Are squirrel paratroopers going to invade the yard and take over the house? Are they planning to cut through the wires leaving us without the air conditioning that the dogs love to lay under? Do squirrels secretly know how to pick locks and they plan to use this knowledge to break in at night and eat all of the dog food? I have no idea what my dogs feel that these squirrels really have in store for us, but they are determined to protect us from whatever it is.


The funny thing is, my daughter once found an injured squirrel and brought it home. We kept it overnight so that it could go to a wildlife rescue the next day. My dogs were fine with that squirrel. Maybe it was because it was in the house? Maybe it was because that squirrel wasn’t a part of the Squirrel Militia that was planning a takeover. I have no idea. But, outdoors, squirrel patrol, all day, every day. Do I think that they will ever actually catch a squirrel, nope, not at all. The only one who stood a chance was Squeake, but she is older now and it looks like she is past that point in her life. But everyone else is stepping up in her place.

So, I’m going to let my dogs out now so that they can keep me safe from the squirrels and whatever they have planned.