I Grooved at Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Party and It Was Awful

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So how does the tiniest and most famous cat on the planet celebrate her second birthday? With the biggest blow-out bash in New York City. Big cake, big balloons, big entertainment in a big space but a small select group of guests. Grumpy Cat famous for her meme declaring everything awful, is anything but grumpy and the party was awfully good.


grumpycat_00265Before the party started, I spent some private time with the birthday girl and her cat mom, Tabby Bundesen, and her brother Bryan Bundesen. It had been six months since I’d seen the famous trio at the Friskies Cat Video Awards, and Grumpy Cat looked adorable and alert in her usual nonplussed manner. Tabatha, or Tabby as she prefers, looked radiant in a green silk jumpsuit and moved with the patina of growing confidence that fame brings. Still in her 20s, Ms. Bundesen has grown noticeably more sophisticated since I first saw her at the Grumpy Cat book launch appearance at BEA almost a year ago. Bryan, who is responsible for unleashing the first Grumpy Cat video (which went viral in 36 hours) remains solidly down-to-earth and affable. Grumpy Cat famous for her meme declaring everything awful, is anything but grumpy and the party was awfully good.

Some worry about the safety of Grumpy Cat and her many public appearances but cat mom Tabby was always within an arm’s length keeping an eye on her special cat. Grumpy cat is the spokescat for the Friskies brand and the bash was sponsored by Friskies Party Mix. Friskies is part of the Purina family, the largest pet food brand in the world.


Guests lined up to be photographed with Grumpy Cat and share on social media with the hashtag #grumpybirthday. The birthday gal posed on top of a cozy pillow and no one was allowed to handle her. Her manager Ben Lashes told me her well being is of paramount importance to all concerned. At the end of the party, I was lucky to hold Grumpy Cat and Bryan kindly took a photo of me with his phone. And then she was whisked away for her next assignment: sweet dreams at her hotel.

Grumpy Cat

Jonathan Kite


There were no grumpy faces except on the gazillion balloons and bottles of Grumpuccino and birthday cake. How could there be with a group of fun cat lovers, a fully stocked open bar with signature Grumpy cat cocktails, sumptuous passed hors d’oerves, a buffet of salads, sliders, and crab cakes, dessert, and some sweet swag to take home?







Tamar Arslanian, my blogger pal from ‘I Have Cat’, dared me to have my face catified by the excellent make-up artist. As a cat behaviorist, I already think like a cat so why not look like one?

Champagne wishes and Grumpy Cat dreams anyone?

Layla and Tamar enjoying champagne.

The only thing that made me grumpy was thinking how were they going to top this bash for her third birthday?

I survived #grumpybirthday

Layla Morgan Wilde is a holistic cat behaviorist at www.CatWisdom101.com