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Happy Tail: Senior Pit Bull goes from sad to glad


Tyler – Sad Senior. The words jumped out at Jenn O’Neill from her computer monitor. She’d been looking for a dog to adopt on Petfinder to be the perfect companion for the family’s 14-year-old Staffordshire Terrier after their 13-year-old Bull Terrier mix had died.

Now those words on Petfinder spoke to Jenn.  Tyler had been pulled from an open-admission shelter by two vet techs who were just starting a rescue group for death-row dogs. Clancy was their first rescue, and Second Chance Pet Adoption League in Oak Ridge, NJ,  had listed him on Petfinder for them. When Jenn responded to the listing, she was asked if she and her family would be willing to foster Tyler.

Clancy has found the perfect place to spend his golden years.

Clancy has found the perfect place to spend his golden years.

How could she say no when she learned his story? His family of 12 years had decided they no longer had time for him and had dumped this old, deaf Pit Bull at an overcrowded, underfunded shelter where he faced almost certain euthanasia because of his age and breed.

Fortunately, he was getting a second chance at being adopted. He was now recovering from an upper respiratory infection at the veterinary clinic where the two techs worked.

On Easter morning, the O’Neills loaded up their twin sons and their old dog and, with fingers crossed, headed to meet Tyler, their new foster dog. Katie, one of the vet techs, led “the sweetest old man Pit Bull with the cutest crooked face I have ever seen out of his kennel … to a side yard … As soon as we let both dogs off of their leads, we saw instantly that not only did this boy belong with us, but we were a ‘foster fail’ before we even left the clinic,'” Jenn says. She knew they were going to become his forever family.

And so Tyler, now Clancy, has joined the O’Neill clan permanently and is no longer a sad senior, but a glad one.

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